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Have you ever dreamt of being on stage and inspiring people through sharing your experience, story and expertise?

Now it is possible for the first time in the Arab region.

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Why Join Us

  • Improve your public speaking skills, stay connected with the latest trends to engage with your audience.
  • Targeted support for speakers of all skill and experience levels from beginner to keynote/headliner.
  • Public speaking opportunities available outside your own country throughout the region and internationally in English, Arabic and French.
  • Seminars, Workshops, Retreats, Coaching (on-site and virtual).
  • Networking with your peers.
  • Connection with our speakers bureau (booking agencies) to arrange local, regional and international corporate speaking engagements for you.
Sheryn Knaïder, Founder and President of PSA Arabia

Sheryn Knaïder

Founder & President of PSA MENA & GCC

About Professional Speakers Association MENA and GCC

We are the only regional professional speakers association that covers the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Corporation Council - 17 countries from Morocco to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From education to business, from health-care to entertainment, from research to the arts, we are giving the opportunity for both women and men to step into public speaking.

We help them find their voice and give them the tools and skills to motivate, enlighten and change the world. We also encourage students to voice their opinions and share their expertise in a world where they are often under-represented.

PSA Arabia is an equal opportunity Professional association that welcomes all professional speakers from all over the world and helps them establish their voice in the arab world.


To create a strong community of well-regarded professional speakers that have a local, regional and international impact.

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